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Tamil Forum in Malaysia (TFM): Refugee Motivational Camp

Tamil Forum in Malaysia (TFM): Refugee Motivational Camp

Ashton Training Academy PLT (School of NLP and Hypnotherapy) along with Lion’s Club PJ Metro and Tamil Forum Malaysia (Children Learning Centre) collaborated and hosted Refugee Motivational Camp. This captivating camp was attended by 110 Refugee school going students.

This complimentary camp was held at the KL Campus of Brickfields Asia College.

The camp was conducted by certified Trainers, Ms. Kiki Ng, Mr. Andrew Tan and Ms. Melisa Malik, from Ashton Training Academy PLT, by getting the students acquainted to each other and be comfortable around each other. Then, they shared some of the basic skills on the efficacious ways to study productively. For instance, how to memorize mathematical formulas.

The Make It Right Movement (MIRM) supported the initiative by providing assistance in booking the venue.

Ashton Training Academy PLT is an organisation that gives training & coaching to corporate teams and individuals by using the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which provides the ability to control ones own brain from a neurological standpoint. This helps change the way ones brain is wired.




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