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Tragedy struck Sri Lanka in the early hours of April 21st, 2019 as hundreds of people gathered at various churches and hotels to celebrate Easter.

How can you help?

As it stands today, 253 people have died and more than 500 injured. Many families have lost their main breadwinner and have loved ones who have been permanently disabled.

We seek your kind assistance in collecting monetary donations to assist these families in need.

Where will your money go?

We will be reaching out to these victims and their families through the concerned churches and other related organisations to ensure your donations reach those in need.

Monetary Donations:

FOMSO Sri Lankan Humanitarian Relief Fund

Maybank Account Number: 514169162214

*Please WhatsApp image of the deposit slip along with your full name to Mithila

Please call Mithila on 011-6404 0385 for further information

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