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Same Skies: Refugee Collaboration Network Meeting

Same Skies: Refugee Collaboration Network Meeting

Same Skies organised a Refugee Collaboration Network meeting consisting of 5 different refugee-led
organisations that group together bi-monthly to share resources and brainstorm on upcoming
events. The session was held on 27 April 2019 at the KL Campus of Brickfields Asia College. It was
attended by 8 participants.

One of the matters discussed was the need of refugee speakers to further develop their Public
Speaking skills. Besides practising their pointers in advance, Speakers can also display their
enthusiasm through body language, for example, hand gestures and facial expressions while
addressing a crowd.

The venue for the session was supported by The Make It Right Movement (MIRM).

Same Skies is a non-religious, politically neutral non-profit organisation, comprising an international
team of passionate humanitarian professionals who support refugees and asylum seekers.



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