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Pink Unity: Pink Blossom Session

Pink Unity: Pink Blossom Session

Pink Unity, a subsidiary of the National Cancer Society Malaysia organised a Pink Blossom session for breast cancer survivors to share their personal experiences battling this fatal condition. The session was held on 7 December 2019 at the PJ Campus of Brickfields Asia College. The session was attended by 5 participants.

The session was facilitated by a member of the Pink Unity. The session started with an ice-breaking session for the existing members to get to know the new members and vice versa. This was followed by a simple sharing session to give courage to those who are still battling cancer and how they should never give up and give in to the fatal disease.

The main focus of the session involved participants sharing innermost details of their battle against cancer. The session ended with participants sharing their feedback. While some felt relieved voicing their personal journey with cancer, others gained better insights on how to manage their emotions.

The venue for the session was supported by The Make It Right Movement (MIRM).

Pink Unity is a not-for-profit organisation, acting as a support network for breast cancer survivors.

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