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People Potential: Certificate of Reinforcement Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops

People Potential: Certificate of Reinforcement Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops

People Potential collaborated with Make it Right Movement (MIRM) to conduct a training session called “Certificate of Reinforcement Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops”. The Reinforcement Academy and People Potential organised this program based on the book ‘Training Reinforcement’ by Anthonie Wurth who designed Reinforcements for more than 3000 clients globally.

Reinforcement is an important component of the learning process as it has a dramatic impact on the response rate and behavioural cha nge in an individual. The training session was conducted by facilitators Mr. Joshua Ng and Ms. Tan Wai Leng from 16-18 and 22-25 July 2019 at the PJ Campus of Brickfields Asia College.

Both trainers focused on tackling the absence of an effective reinforcement program as knowledge and skills learnt during training or classes are either often forgotten or applied infrequently. The two-level certification initiative introduced the fundamentals of designing an impactful and engaging reinforcement program for trainees to enjoy and remember. The trainers briefed participants thoroughly on the concept of applying Learning Journeys in reinforcement plans within their organisations.

Attendees of the Level 1 Workshop learnt the seven principles of reinforcement in order to build a successful reinforcement program followed by the process of designing a basic reinforcement program. They successfully applied knowledge and skills taught by trainers such as using an adaptive approach as well as data collection. The course was an informational and interesting session for both trainers and trainees. The trainees are now able to conduct their own workshops during office hours to increase productivity and job satisfaction among employees.

Further into the workshop, at Level 2, participants learned to design a complete reinforcement program by using an adaptive approach with Assessments and Program Switcher.

MIRM provided an adequate training room for 18 corporate trainers and consultants for workshop activities to be conducted. The training was eventful as facilitators learned to implement reinforcement strategies in their respective organisations.

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