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BACked4Life: Become A Body Language Jedi

BACked4Life: Become A Body Language Jedi

The Body Language Training organized by BACked4Life on the 17th June 2019 begun with an interesting ice breaking session where the other participants and I introduced ourselves by passing around a balloon with our names written on it. The trainers were Mr. Brian (Head of MIRM) and Ian (MIRM Intern). We learnt from the trainers that there were three sections of the brain reptilian, animal and human in ascending order where the lower sections of brain operate our body language.

The participants were divided into four groups to discuss and present on topics of first impressions which included learning how to identify a friend, enemy, potential relationship partner. Following this eye-opening activity, the trainees discovered that we reciprocate different body languages to different people we meet and learnt how to read their body languages. It was eventful as participants realized people demonstrate various body languages, some of which were similar but others different from one another.

Mr. Brian enlightened the participants about contrasting body languages reflecting culture for example, when shaking hands Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offered his hand from the bottom whereas US President Donald Trump returned the gesture with his hands above, a body language asserting dominance which is fondly known as an American culture. Not only were the participants unaware of the existing social norms but this session helped us understand a variety of body languages that exists within different countries and that we should learn to appreciate other cultures.

Another captivating activity required participants to determine if a person making statements was telling the truth or lying. We were extremely intrigued when we learnt that it would be harder to read the body language of a person with a special condition and that it could be used as a protective mechanism in a time of need.

Most importantly, we had a great time learning through fun activities that body language is a way of effectively communicating countless emotions to other people without saying a word!


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